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Hear her out, because she’s a #ForceOfNature

Adina Crawford
Germantown, MD

An avid runner and yoga instructor, Adina Crawford finds the outdoors to be a place where she can truly be present in herself. A recent race in Bermuda stands out as one of the most euphoric experiences of her life.

Alyx Moore Picture
Alyx Moore
Denver, CO

To eight-year-old Alyx Moore, the outdoors is for everyone: girls, boys and those in between. Facing her fears on the ski slopes is a source of pride for her. She hopes women of all shapes and sizes can embrace the outdoors.

Aurora Perez Picture
Aurora Perez
San Rafael, CA

From an eleven-mile mountain hike to a family trip to the local park, Aurora Perez immerses herself in the outdoors. She wishes to see more representation of women of color in the outdoor space, especially for her young niece.

Ladan Yalzadeh Picture
Ladan Yalzadeh
Seattle, WA

Ladan Yalzadeh reflects on the freedom that the outdoors has provided her across two countries with different cultural landscapes. To her, the outdoors is a place for women across all backgrounds to learn, connect, heal - and be free.

Lori Mobbs Picture
Lori Mobbs
Opelika, AL

A 20 mile hike that led to an epiphany is a stand out moment for Lori Mobbs. The realization of being the only human within the vast wilderness was a truly spiritual experience.

Morgan Words Picture
Morgan Wordes
Far Rockaway, NY

As a single parent, Morgan Wordes knows the challenges mothers can face outdoors. With the help of key community groups, she has evolved into a powerhouse who now camps and hikes national parks with her small children in tow.

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